Rare and valuable Ty Beanie Baby collectibles with surprising price tags.


Rare and Valuable Ty Beanie Baby Collectibles

Even the most passionate Ty Beanie Baby collectors may not know some of these rare and valuable collectibles. For example, a Piccadilly Attic bear with a rare tag is worth up to $125,000.

Hope Praying Bear is a spiritual Ty Beanie with her hands clasped in prayer. She is a rare 1998 model with multiple tag errors, including one on the Swing Tag and another on the Tush Tag (Gosport misspelled) -Super RARE!

Iggy the Iguana

Iggy the Iguana is a local icon that has been around for decades. He’s well-known to many kids who grew up in Minnesota.

This spiritual Ty Beanie Baby has its hands clasped together. It can sell for up to $15,000 in the right market. This bear is also a favorite among collectors. A rare version with tag errors can fetch even more.

Piccadilly Attic

The fuzzy, light brown bear wears a rainbow-coloured clown costume and has black button eyes. Piccadilly is from the Ty Attic Treasures Collection.

Rare, retired 1993 Piccadilly Attic bears sell for up to $125,000! This film is a great example of dazzling acting, beautiful images and balletic camera movements. The high definition transfer looks excellent. Milestone has also included an informative commentary track.


A Fuschia-colored beat that was released to commemorate the turn of the millennium. Millennium quickly became a favorite of collectors, and original versions in mint condition often sell for over $30,000.

Near Mint Condition with Tag Errors. Swing and Tush tag have different dates and the name of the city is misspelled it reads Gosport, Hampshire instead of Gasport. COA included.

Garcia Bear

This rare TY Beanie Baby is a popular choice for collectors. Its color and style make it stand out, but its value can also climb into the thousands.

Authenticated first-generation versions of the lovable brown bear can sell for more than $40,000. But not all of these valuable beanie babies are made equal. Some have errors that can drive their prices up even higher.

Lefty and Righty the Donkey

This rare stuffed animal was a hit during the Beanie Babies craze in 1997 and earned its name from obvious factory errors on its tush tag. These included excess spacing and misplaced stamps.

This special edition teddy bear with a heart embroidered on its chest is one of the most valuable in the series. It also has a poem in its tush tag.

Claude the Crab

Claude the Crab was released in 1997 – the heyday of Ty’s Beanie Babies. Although the magenta bear is not rare, some versions of Claude have spelling mistakes on their swing tags or tush tags that make them more valuable than others.

These errors include misspelling of Millennium on the swing tag or Gosport, Hampshire, UK on the tush tag. These are referred to as swing and tush tag “Generations.” One variation of Claude sold for $15,000 in 2020.


Seaweed (also known as macro-algae) is a sea vegetable that is eaten around the world. It is rich in potassium, iodine, vitamins, and antioxidants.

This cuddly brown sea animal debuted in 1996 at the start of the Beanie Baby craze. It was retired three years later in 1998. Some rare tush tag errors have been discovered on this bear. These errors are very valuable to collectors.

Halo Bear

HOPE Praying Bear with 2 Tag Errors SUPER RARE 1998 COA MWMTs

The first Halo was released a little later in the beanie craze, in 1998. This plush white teddy bear has iridescent angel wings and a gold halo to match. This rare teddy bear also has two errors on its tags, which make it more valuable. One error on the swing tag says 1998 while the tush tag reads 1999.

Brownie the Bear

Brownie the Bear was one of the original nine Beanie Babies and is still worth around $20,000 today. He was retired in 1993.

The adorable bunnies Hoppity, Hippity, and Floppity are worth a lot as well, but they were only made in January 1997 and then retired in May 1998. This makes them rare and valuable. Similarly, a magenta Patti the Platypus is also highly valued by collectors.

Princess Bear

This bear is more than a stuffed animal or Beanie Baby. It was made as a tribute to Princess Diana and to motivate Beanie Baby collectors to contribute to her memorial fund. She is very rare and has many tag errors including the Swing and Tush tags having different dates.

The more error-free your Beanie Baby is, the more it will be worth. Recently, a large Wallace Beanie Baby and a squad of other bears sold for $600,000.

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